Student Result Management System source code in PHP

PHP Student result management system is developed using php and mysql. This is a web application that uses PHP programming language and MYSQL database to perform the functions of result management system. The app uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front-end design. This web application is divided in two sections –one for Student and –another for Admin. Students can access their result on the application. Before seeing their result, they have to provide their student id(roll id) and their class in which they are enrolled. After providing their details, they can access their result and can download in pdf format. They can also download their result in PDF format. For admin, admin have their own dashboard. After logging in, admin can see the total number of registered users, subjects listed, total class listed and number of results declared. Admin can add new class or update the existing class. They can add new students or modify/update the student details and information. Admin also have the privilege of adding new subject and update the subjects. Adding a new result or managing the number of result task can also be performed by admin. In terms of security, admin can change their password and update it.

Add Result Module

Installation and Setup:

-Download the .zip file

-Extract it on the root directory (htdocs) of XAMPP server

-Go to phpmyadmin.

-Create a database named ‘srms’.

-Go to Import

-Import the database file located on the folder named ‘Database File’.

-Choose ‘srms.sql’.

-Click Go

The query should return ‘success message’.

After you configure your database, open your browser and run the app using your localhost XAMPP server or WAMPP. You will see the home page of the application with the title ‘Student Result Management System’.

Note: Login details for admin is given on a text file within the project folder.

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