Minesweeper Game In Java With Source Code

Sagar Gurung 16 Apr 2019

Minesweeper game is developed using Java and Netbeans IDE. The game is programmed by Haris Muneer. The game is a Windows game Minesweeper made using Java-Swing Framework. Its a stand-alone desktop game which also provides save and load game functionalities. The game development follows Model View Controller(MVC). The game has a list of features described below:

Features of Minesweeper Game in Java

  • Start a new game
  • Options whether to save the current game progress or not
  • Continue playing on the saved progress when opening the game next time
  • Show statistics of the game
  • Shows live user score board


Installation Steps:

  • Download and extract the .zip file
  • Run the project using Netbeans IDE

Note: A executable game file is also given within the project folder.

Download Minesweeper Game In Java With Source Code for Free