PACMAN Game in Javascript With Source Code

Sagar Gurung 18 Apr 2019

Pacman game developed using HTML5, CSS3 and JQUERY along with Canvas free to download with source code. This game is played in browser. Game inlcudes live score and sounds along the game. 

 About Pacman

That can't in any way, shape or form be it - how and for what reason would Pacman, the Boss of the Operation, invest his energy pursuing minimal yellow spots round the playing region. 

Obviously, we should not overlook the third component - Monsters! Well obviously, every self-regarding amusement must have Monsters, so in they go! 

Basic Concept 

The best diversions are effectively justifiable and attract individuals since they believe they can play without looking idiotic. The standard of Pacman is comparative in that it is a basic diversion which players need to attempt, and feel since it is so direct they have a practical possibility of winning. In the good 'ol days computer games were another and to a great extent untested thought with nobody foreseeing the tremendous interest. 

At the highest point of this piece there were three made about the straightforwardness of the diversion. Since on first look this is the thing that any gamer may see, they are certain that they will almost certainly overcome the amusement with no trouble. Truth be told, they may even conclude that it won't challenge them by any means. 

How about we return to the fundamental blueprint. Indeed, Pacman is an upbeat, yellow character who needs to escape the playing region - called a room. So as to do this our saucy chappie needs to "eat" the majority of the little yellow dabs - right name, pacdots, while staying away from the beasts, which are currently called Ghosts. They all have their own names - Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde are the names they start with - however progressively about that later! There is an expertise level which must be accomplished to advance further and in the event that Pacman contacts a Ghost, at that point one of Pacman's three lives will be lost. 

There are distinctive dimensions of the diversion, so the main playing zone isn't the place the amusement completes - except if you are downright awful and don't make it past this first room.

Game Rules

Pacman crunches his way around the room, eating the majority of the Pac-dabs. 

In each side of the room there is a "Power Pellet", which when Pacman eats one, the Ghosts turn blue or yellow. Pacman can get additional focuses by eating the Ghosts. The first is worth 200 and each extra Ghost eaten is worth twofold the quantity of focuses. 

At the point when the player achieves 10,000, he gets an extra life - however that just happens once amid the diversion.  

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