Task Manager in PHP With Source Code

Sagar Gurung 10 May 2019

 PHP task manager is developed with a login system that performs daily task management functions for anyone. The user can login himself/herself and then add the task that they need to do. The system saves their task permanently and later on when the task is completed they can marks the task as done(delete) or change their status to done. The user can also add their task category so that they can filte the task based on the category. Once done, user can logouf from the system.

Features of Task Manager in PHP:

- Login/Logout system

- Add task, edit or dellete them

- Change a task status to pending or done

- Add task details like priority, summary and so on.

- Add types of task categories and sort task on the basis of task category

Installation Steps:

- Download and Extract the zip file on htdocs(XAMPP)

- Create a database named taskmanager

- Import the sql file located on database folder

- Run the folder on your browser.

Note: Important file is provided on a file within the project folder, be sure to read it before running the application.




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