Event Management System In Java With Source Code

This application Event Management System In java with source code is developed in Java platform that stores data in a database. In the case of Event Management, this application can create, read, update, and delete Events, Event Locations, and Attendees to the database. Event Management System also has inheritance and will have the ability to read files for generating details to be used as an input and will be able to output the details to an output file.

Developed by Julz , Event Management System also have the ability to generate details from a file – File input and will be able to output these details into an output file. So,the user can see the details of Attendees and Location Managers in the file stored or saved. All the details will be added to the database. Lastly, the system is limited to print only the details of Attendee into an external output file generating a list of Attendees stored in the database.

Screenshot 1:

Features of Event Management System
  • Add events and details
  • Manage , edit, delete events
  • Add events locations
  • Manage, edit, update or edit all event, attendees or locations details
  • Add Management staffs records and details within the system
  • Add Event Attendees Details (People) that attends the event
  • View all Events
  • Sort events and view events
  • View and sort all data and records within the system
  • Save or Export the events and other details in a text file in your PC

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