Online Insurance Management System In Java With Source Code

The online insurance management system is a complete program for companies that are in need to manage insurance for their vehicles, equipment, buildings, and for many other assets. Using Online Insurance Management System Java software, one can organize and track insurance vendors and the policies provided under various coverage. It is known to us that the insurance companies need to keep track of details of their target companies, agents, policyholders, their premium payments, and the various products as we all now their assets are more likely to be affected or vulnerable to get damaged in the future.

Thus, usage of paper in the payment process leads to less efficiency, less accuracy and less productivity which in turn enlightens the requirement of a more effective management system of insurance service. Upon running online insurance management software when a user enters the website, it displays all the details about insurance and other schemes of the policy. Users can also see their own insurance status i.e customers can see data about their insurance policy and the status also.


Online Insurance Management System Java is a web application developed by Mohammad Atif Hussain that is used to tracking the details about the insurance policy, customer details, and company details. This project is useful for any kind of insurance companies to manage the insurance details, to sanction the insurance for the customer, process the insurance policy details and all kind of insurance process online.

In this system, first a user enters into the website and once they use the system, they are shown all the details about insurance and its types. Furthermore, the system will also show the details about different duration schemes to the corresponding insurance type or policy. During this process, there is a user registration form that is used to apply for an insurance policy online. This process also makes the customer able to view their own insurance status details. While using the registration form, the user has to register his insurance policy to this website. When the user successfully submits the registration form, the admin will then process to verify that particular details submitted by the new customer and sanctioned the insurance policy. As for the policyholder, if he/she wants to view the information regarding their own policy details, he/she has to proceed towards login page to policy status page by using their details. The details are their policyholder ID and password which are already provided by the insurance company and can now view their own details.

Below are some screenshots of the software:

Signup Page

Home Page

Bank Details Page

Main Modules:

Policy Holder Registration form:

        New Policy Holder gives their information like, Name, password, Ac no, bank, Organization, Occupation, age, gender, address, e-mail id.

Admin form:

         Admin has the permission to view all Agent, Policy, and Policy Holder information. But the admin first needs to enter their name and Id, then the admin only can access. And also admin have the provision to view ,edit, Delete and insert the Policy, Policy Holder, and Agent.

Policy Holder Form:

            This module form is used for Policy Holders. Using this form, Policy Holders can view their own personal details when login into the Policy Holder module.


  • Front End/Language:  JSP
  • Server:                         Apache Tomcat Web Server 8.0.9
  • Back End/Database:   Oracle 10g
  • Browser:                     Internet Explorer/Google Chrome
  • Operating System:      WINDOWS (VERSION) XP/VISTA/ 7/ 8


  • Processor                     PENTIUM IV 2.4 GHz
  • RAM                           512 MB
  • Hard Disk                    40 GB

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