Student Management System In Java With Source Code

Student Management System is a simple user-friendly GUI Java application built to store, edit, create, update, and delete student records. This application is based on Java GUI and other JDK components. Users can add student details including their name, address, classes, etc using the system. Furthermore, one can edit or modify the records or update them if necessary.

Features of Simple Insurance Management System:

  1. Add new students records and details,
  2. View all students data
  3. Edit/Modify details
  4. Update the data if necessary
  5. Delete data easily without any complexity

Installation Steps:

Create a Table in Mysql named ‘student’ in db2 database


CREATE TABLE `student` (
`rno` int(11) NOT NULL,
`name` varchar(45) DEFAULT NULL,

Code to run the Program in Command Prompt :

1.javac -cp mysqljava.jar *.java -cp mysqljava.jar;. MainFrame

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