Event Management System In PHP With Source Code

Event Management System is a web application developed with PHP and MYSQL to make the events management effective. Event Management is necessary because the more popular a brand is, the lesser reluctant individuals will be for experimenting with new items propelled by that brand. Occasion the executive’s abilities are, in this way, fundamental for the organization to get the required introduction and assemble a positive picture of the general organization just as any brand specifically. They do not just fill in as an opportunity for an entrenched organization to recover its significance by pulling in an expanding number of imminent clients yet in addition empower a sprouting organization to develop a feeling of enthusiasm for the everyday citizens about the items and administrations they offer.

Using the software, we can perform a function related to what events management company performs that includes creating events, choose resources and location, login and manage/edit/update/delete events and location list, make new announcements of their company and so on. Users can send any inquiries using the contact form and the message is stored on a database and can be seen there only.

Features of Event Management Software:

  • Create new Events along with event name, event start date, event end date, event location, event total cost.
  • See all list of events created with their proper details.
  • Add new locations for events that includes Name, address , location manager name, number, numbers of people capacity and number of facilities included in the location.
  • Edit/update and delete locations.
  • Announce events on the website pages
  • Login protection system
  • Send Contact message 

If you need help regarding how to open or run php software, see the video below:

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