Simple JavaScript Weather App

Sagar Gurung 06 Mar 2019

A simple Javascript Weather App made using Javascript and OpenWeatherMap API. This app is suitable for college related projects.Nowadays, having access to online weather forecasts provides the general public with a great deal of benefits due to its overall usefulness. These advantages include:

  • The general public is given weather forecasts "on demand", so they do not have to wait for the weather forecast to come on the TV or the radio, they can have access to this instantly, so they can ultimately get on with their lives, as they are not waiting for the broadcast of something which may have an unknown time.
  • Most online weather services put emphasis on important events such as hazardous weather, so the public is well informed of this and so can essentially take appropriate precautions to stay safe when the conditions strike.
  • Users can access these weather forecasts at any time of the day, and so can use then to plan their day, as they can decide what clothes to wear in respect to the weather, and if they should take anything extra, such as an umbrella, sunglasses, or a deodorant (if the person sweats a lot).

Open the index.html file, you will see the app with a input saying enter a location. Type your city name and click search. The app will set its background according to the weather and gives some details about the weather. Be sure to give the input correctly.

Installation Steps:

  • Download and open the index.html file

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