Best three effective ways to manage storage on your Iphone (with Pictures)

Running low on your storage has become a problem for iphone users. Especially to those users who have brought their iphone with the lower storage option. We all know Apple recently has started to sell their latest Iphones with minimum of 64gb storage. But still, people who uses a lot of app and takes a lot of pictures and videos with 4K resolution will be less in storage. So today, I have come up with the best three effective ways to free up some storage on your phone.

1.Offload unused apps.

Apple has recently come up with a new feature from which you can offload or disable unused apps so that you can free up the storage they would take on your iphone. Offloading unused apps means to remove unused apps from your phone. But that doesn’t mean completely uninstalling the app. This option keeps all documents and data of the related app safely on your phone. It just disables the app that has been not used or is not active recently. To offload unused apps follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your settings:

offload unused apps on iphone

Step:2 Click on ‘I-tunes and App Store’

offload apps on iphone

Step 3: After then, you can see the ‘Offload unused app’ button. Click to enable/disable it.

offload unused apps on ios

2.Change Image & Video Formats

You often didn’t care about your image and videos formats. The way your files are savedon your device often takes up a higher amount of storage. Making your iPhone save images as ‘High efficiency’ takes up less storage on your phone as compared to ‘Most Compatible’. option When turned on, your phone will capture photos and videos in the high efficiency HEIF/HEVC format to reduce file size, hence taking up less storage as compared to the ‘Most Compatible’ option. Follow the steps below to enable ‘High Efficiency’ on your formats.

Step 1: Click on Settings.

Step 2: Click on Camera

high efficiency on iphone

Step 3: Click on Formats 

turn on high efficiency on ios

Step 4: Turn on High Efficiency.

change image format on iphone ios

3. Use Google DriveDropbox and other related services.

google drive for iphone

Be smart enough to use Google drive, Dropbox and other services that offers free storage with no cost. Google Drive gives you a total of 15GB of storage where you can upload your images and video files safely and access it anywhere using your Google account. Dropbox also offers you 2GB of free space. So it is upto you whether you want to use these services or not. Using these options will allow you to make some space on your device.  But I highly recommend you to take advantage of this services so that you have a less chance to encounter any storage problem in future.

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