Maths Game In Python With Source Code

Maths game is a python command-line application developed for users to play mathematical games. Users are asked questions related to mathematical related questions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Upon running the application, the game first asks the user to enter their name for the gameplay purpose. Then, the user needs to press the enter button to start the game. Once started, the software asks user questions one by one related to mathematical topics. For example, the program might ask what 9*5? and the user needs to type the right answer. If the player/user doesn’t give the correct answer, maths game in Python will prompt the user that the answer is wrong an if the user wants to play again by pressing the y/n keys. The game also records the highest score fo each user. So, a player can easily see their high record with their name whenever he/she run the application.

Features of Maths Game In Python:

  • Challenging math questions
  • High score records
  • Name storage with their scores
  • Live score calculation
  • sqlite3 is used to save data of High score and name)
  • The database will be created when the game opens for the first time

Gameplay Screenshot

Installation Steps:

  • Download and Extract the .zip file
  • Open the .py file using python launcher

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