To Do List App Android With Source Code

For better and productive time the board, significant factor is that rundown of things you have to complete. It unites every one of your assignments in a single spot. From that point you can organize them and handle the significant ones first.Having a composed rundown causes us recall when things have do be done as such we don’t miss anything.

Making a plan for the day is a significant initial step however organizing that rundown guarantees that you center around the most significant things instead of surrendering to the enticement of dealing with less significant things Once you have a rundown of the things you have to finish, set needs and choose which occupations ought to be done first.

To Do List Application is made using Java and Android Studio. This app has easy interface with a function to save and help you remember your daily task. Using the app you can add new list and the app displays your to do list along with date and time of the list

 Features of Android To Do List Application:

– Simple and easy to use with smaller apk size

– Add your daily to do task with one click

– See your added to do task in a sorted list

– Get to view your added to do lists along with the added date and time

– Delete list once it’s done

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