Blood Bank Management System In PHP With Source Code

Blood Bank(Donor) Management System is developed to record and manage the blood donation process. This system helps record the blood donation process through the web application which is less time consuming and simple to use. Using this system, people can easily register and donate blood. People who are in need of blood can also request the blood through the mobile prototype app. This system is an online website so people can reach it anywhere and anytime. There is also a mobile app for this system. This system performs task related to blood donation, user registration , data management, blood donation campaigns and request. This blood donors management system has a beautiful and user friendly interface . This system gives the user a good impact on the use and interaction of the system. In this system the admin can perform functions like the performing the check on the registered donors , edit or delete the registered donors , creating a new campaign. This system is made user friendly so almost everyone is able to use it easily.

Note: Some screenshots of the application are given below be sure to check it out:


In this system, functions like donate blood, request blood, update the blood inventory etc.  are available. The users will have user interface in which they can interact with the blood donors management system. It is a web based interface so a web page is displayed with the login screen and they are requested to login with the required credentials. The users are redirected to the home page where they can perform the required functions. The user can fill the blood donation form if they want to donate blood. Although the user details and entries needs to be recorded. So this system used the database to store all the relevant information However there is a slight different function here. The user cannot do task related to database like modifying or updating the blood donation entries and registries. This task is performed by the system admin only. All the activities come under the user interface. The administrator will have an administrative interface where he can login with the admin details and perform all the task related to managing and updating the blood inventories and the task related to database.

Features of Blood Bank Management System:

  • With this system the users can donate or request blood.
  • The users who want to donate blood can register the blood donation form
  • The user who wants to request blood can also request blood
  • The registered donors will see if they match the criteria and communicate with the user if they are willing to donate blood.
  • The system admin can create campaigns for the people.
  • Admin can view, manage , edit or delete the registered donors list.
  • Admin has the full authority of the system. They can manage, edit, or delete data. They can also create a new campaign and make announcement.

Note: These are only few screenshots.of the application function

User Blood Donation Entry Form

Blood Donors List(Admin)

Create Blood Donation Campaign(Admin)

Installation steps and other important notes are given on a file within the project folder. Be sure to read the file before running the application.

If you need help regarding how to open or run php programs, see the video below:

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