BEGINNER GUIDE| How To Start Your Own Website and Earn Money Easily Explained With Adsense

Have you ever dreamed of having your own website generating you a good amount of money? I guess you do want it but you are probably confused or you find the task too complex to understand and start working for it.

Guess what, I will teach you how you can start your website and get signed up for Adsense so that you can start making money in the most simple and quicker way. Trust me, I’m telling you a true story and you can be inspired with this short and simple story. Just try to read it thoroughly till the end and don’t forget to leave a comment.

So, first we should know that a website should represent it own category or a brand.i.e a it should have its own unique domain name. If you don’t have a site yet, don’t worry, I‘ll teach you how to setup a wordpress site easily later. This is the most crucial factor you should be aware of. Domain represents your site niche and the domain words are the ones which helps to rank your site in the google search index and in terms of SEO.  Don’t be afraid of this two big terms as these really don’t matter in this initial step. What you should do is to come up with a unique domain name related to your niche(category) for your site and be sure about it because you cannot change the domain name later. After you come up with a domain name,check the avaialblilty of the domain using this link. If the domain is available , go buy it from these top domain sites like Hostinger, Godaddy.

2. After you buy your domain, congrats  you just completed your first step and you now need a hosting server. It is basically a space where you would put all your site files. If you are looking for hosting a personal blog sits you can go for cpanel hosting but if your site is extra like ecommerce or busness site go for cloud as it is much faster.

3. After you buy your hosting, you need to point out your domain to your hosting server. Basically you are telling your domain to use the files located on your hosting server(cpanel or whatever). To do this, login to your domain account (godaddy or hostinger) and go to nameservers section. Then, in the namesevers sections, remove the existing ones and enter the nameserver given by your hosting provider ( After this wait for some hours and your domain and hosting will be ready to use. But let me tell you the steps to create a site using wordpress if you don’t have any. Go to your hosting server home page and click on Softapsious Appls Install(you will find wordress here). Install wordpress on your hosting server and just select a free theme for your site. Click on the link to browse a list of free wordperss themes and set up your site as you want.However, if you already have a site on your PC, upload all the site files from you pc to the hosting server(File manager). For this, use a FTP application like Filezilla(You need to create a connection first using your FTP details given on your hosting account). If you don’t know how to upload files using FTP client , click here.

4.I believe you are now closer to your goal. Once you have setup your site and your site is working normally, I suggest you to wait for days or weeks unitil you get a good amount of traffic(users) on your site. Normally, traffic is what help your site to rank higher and com up on google search pages. So, do whatever you like to drive traffic to you site like using social media, groups or working on paid organic traffic. But be alert not to use fake traffic or spam sites to drive people to you site. Meanwhile, you should work on completing all the task given below as it vital for Adsense approval.

  • Work on creating posts or blogs on your site i.e Create at least 20 posts or blogs on your site with at least 1000 words.
  • Have your site optimized for SEO. Use SEO optimization plugins available on wordpress.
  • Create a valid Email address (Google Account) which is not linked or banned from Adsense.
  • Have a clean and responsive layout on your website.
  • Create Contact, Privacy Policy and About Page(This are must and should be on your site clearly visible on menu)
  • At last, it is much better if your website is at least 3 months old on the internet. However, this doesn’t mean you are not eligible. Have faith.

5. Finally, you have a good amount of traffic and content on your site, it’s time to apply for Adsense. Go to this link and fill up the form. You need to enter  your details and website link. After you sign up, it normally takes Google upto 24 hours to give you decision, however it may also take 1 or more weeks.

6. Congrats , you have been accepted for Adsense program” when you receive this email, you have been permitted to use adsense on your site. To start showing ads on your site, I suggest you to use Auto ads as they automatically perform all the ads related functions and you can save up your time. T start auto ads, login to Adsense and go to the Ads section on the left sidebar. Click on site name under the list and turn on Auto-ads option. Be sure that the Display ads are turned on and just wait for few hours. The ads will start  appearing on your website. That’s it , you can start monitoring your site using Google Analytics and the Adsense homepage.

But before you leave, let me ask you ‘How are you feeling?’. Probably after reading this blog has helped and motivated you to go start your own website, but let me tell you things are not easy as it looks. There may be barriers such as rejection for adsnese or hosting problem, but don’t let this things demotivate you. I have also faced a lot of issues and have spend hours solving it. At the end of the day, no matter how hard or stressful the issues are, they becomes worth of our time. So start building your site so that you can soon launch a good website business in the internet. I will wish you good luck for your upcoming days. If you have any issues or questions leave a comment below!. I’m ready to help. Best of luck!:)

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