How to install XAMPP with PHP and MYSQL windows (3 easy steps)

XAMPP control panel has served many developers in their day to day programming. As we know, XAMPP has both PHP and MYSQL which is a unique feature of this program . Apart from it, Tomcat , Filezilla and Mercury is also available. The installation of XAMPP on your computer or laptop isn’t as complex as seen. Today , I will guide you with three easy steps to download and setup XAMPP on your PC effectively.

Step 1: Download XAMPP from the Bitnami website

Choose the latest version of XAMPP. If you are in OS X or Linux, then XAMPP is also available for both platforms.

Step 2: Open the setup file

Choose your Installation location and Click ‘Next’. Once the installation is finished, open XAMPP

Step 3: Run XAMPP and Start the ‘Apache’ and ‘MySQL’ Module

After finishing installation, Open XAMPP Control Panel. You will see the home page as shown below.

For using PHP and MYSQL , you need to run the Apache and MYSQL service. Click on Start to start both service. You will see the port and PID of the Module you’ve started. If your Apache port is showing the port number , then you are free to go.

To run php files on your browser using XAMPP localhost, first go to your browser and type

Type ‘localhost’ and press the enter button, the browser will show you the root directory of the localhost server i.e. htdocs folder which is located on the XAMPP installation folder. After then, using your browser you can browser your file and folders and just click on them to run.

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