Hospital Management System in C# with source code

Hospital Management system is developed using C# and MYSQL. MYSQL is used to perform all the database tasks whereas C# is used to perform all functions of the system. Hospital Management System is safe, secure and is protected by login system. The system can be categorized in 3 types: Admin – Doctor and Staff. Each of them has their own role and their own usage on the system.

Features of Admin in Hospital Management system:

  • Admin can add register new staffs
  • Admin can register a new doctor on the system
  • Admin can update the details or delete the registered staff within the system
  • Admin can update the details or delete the doctor’s records from the system
  • Admin can see the details of patients which means they can also see the patient name, patient age, patient phone number, patient address, patient disease name, patient-doctor name, patient date of admission, patient date of exit, medicine details, bed details, and total cost.
  • Admin can add new Medicine with their details.
  • Admin can add test details that includes test name, test price and test performed for the specific disease.

Features of Doctor in Hospital Management system

  • Doctor can see the request of the treatment from patients in the system
  • Doctor can check patient and make a form with their details like patient name, prescribed medicine etc.
  • Doctor can check patients records on the system
  • Doctor can also update their personal details within the program.

Features of Staff in Hospital Management system

  • Staffs can admit or register a new patient using the system
  • Staff can easily discharge any patient from the system
  • Staff can view the patient details they have added in the system.
  • Staff can view doctors schedule and make appointments.
  • Staff can manage medicine and their details.
  • Staff can see the blood bank and the available blood on the bank
  • Staff can update their details on the system.

Installation steps and other important notes are given on a file within the project folder. Be sure to read the file before running the application.

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