Hotel Reservation System in Java source code

Hotel Management System application developed using Java with source code. This application is run on Java platform so please have your environment and all programs ready to go. Without the proper set up of Java Development Kit and other necessary modules, this application can be run or might be experienced with problems.

System Overview: Hotel management system has a beautifully designed Home page where users can view all the available functionality of this software. There is a clear navigation menu consisting of options like explore rooms available in the hotel, view all rooms, book a room, see the list of booking made previously, and lastly, view all the rooms of the hotel that are set s available for booking. Hotel Reservation System software has the following features:

Features of Hotel Management software:

  • Explore the rooms of the hotel
  • Book or register the rooms
  • See the list of booking made for rooms
  • Display all available rooms for booking

Please setup your environment to run this Java application.

Note: Login credentials are given on a file within the project folder. Be sure to read the file.

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