College Management System In PHP With Source Code

College management system is developed using PHP and MYSQL with bootstrap and is intended for universities. Users of this software are lecturer and students so they can log in as a student or a lecturer. Technologies used are PHP, MySQL, HTML, Bootstrap, Xampp, PhpMyAdmin.

Features of College Management System In PHP

  • Lecturer can register on the website
  • Lecturer can log in/logout from the system
  • Lecturer can see the number of students
  • Lecturer can see faculties
  • Lecturer can add new courses, assign courses to students
  • Lecturer can update their profile details
  • Students can login and register on the system
  • Students can search for books on the library
  • Students can see their memberships
  • Students can see/search for students clubs
  • Students can search their courses
  • Students can see their results
  • Students can view their pass courses and results
  • Students can view all the available programs


Login Page

Lecturer page

Course Page

nstallation Steps:

To run the project, you need to extract the zip file and run XAMPP

1. Import the .sql database file to your database
2. Run the project (.php) using localhost

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