Hostel Management System in PHP with source code

Hostel Management System is a web application developed using PHP and MYSQL. Hostel Management System is a web application and it’s main aim is to computerize the process of allocating hostel rooms. In short, a user will fill up forms along with the student details and then submit the data in papers which are then stored in cupboards to offices. So, this program is developed to easily manage such complex functions using a computer which then becomes more time-efficient and flexible,

Types of Users in Hostel Management System

1. Student

2. Hostel Manager

3. Admin

Each of the users has their own dashboard and can perform their own roles.

Before using the program once has to register or for users who are previously registered in the System will have to log in using their login details: username/roll no and password.

Students who are new to the Hostel Management System Web Application must click “Register to use the site” to access the “New User Registration” page and register themselves. In the form, they need to enter all the required details and register themselves in the portal. ● But as for hostel manager, they cannot sign up, he/she can only login. The hostel manager can only be created by Admin! ● THer are also validation settings and concepts like (like if a registered user tries to register again with a previously used roll no then the system makes alerts- roll number already exists ).

The homepage features a flexible navigation bar that takes the user to various pages to perform different related activities.

For students:

Hostel Page is accessible only to students and they can request for room in any hostel.

For Admin:

Admin can easily see the dtata and list of the students alogn with their details and the hostel allocated to them along with the room. He/She can also allocate a new hostel admin or remove an existing hostel manager if needed.

For Hotel Manager

He/She can view all the applications that his hostel has received and allocated rooms accordingly. using the system . ALl the hostel managers can look at the list of allocated rooms and the empty rooms available for students in his/her hostel. Hostel Manager can book/cancel an allocated room by filling the student and room details.

Installation Steps:

  • Download and extract the file on your localhost/XAMPP server(htdocs)
  • Create a database ‘hostel_management_system’
  • Import all .sql files located on the database folder

Important notes is given on a file within the project folder. Be sure to read the file before running the application.

If you need help regarding how to open or run php programs, see the video below:

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