Library Management System Using PHP With Source Code

Library Management System PHP is a web project developed to register all the new students, manage library books, and allow students to add books to their wishlist for borrowing purposes. In the software, a sign-in is available for all those who are already registered, or if not, they are required to register themselves in the Library Management Software PHP. Log-in authorization is performed by the program through the database set up in the MySQL server. The database of this software contains different tables for all the users, tables for all the books, and their details including info on the books the users/students have issued. The main actors of the Library Management Software are ‘Student’ and ‘Administrator’.

The web project when opened using the localhost, will display a table containing all the books available in the library. However, the user must be logged in, or else he/she will not be granted access to the software. After logging in, users can add any of the books displayed in the dashboard by entering the serial number visible on the side of every book. Each user has their own profile page that shows his/her profile with a wishlist of the books he/she had added previously. The front page also features a button that redirects the user to the administrator page after a person has entered the correct administrator credentials. Administrators can perform tasks like adding or deleting any number of books, and users in the database.


Registration Page

Login Page

Features of Library Management Software Using PHP With Source Code:

  • Users can easily register and login to the system
  • Admin has a separate admin dashboard for the management of library functions
  • Add a new book with details like name, price, availability, author, and so on.
  • Edit/Update book details
  • View all book details
  • Reset password if forgotten

Installation Steps:

To run the Software, you will need to download XAMPP or WAMP server on your PC.

  1. Open your phpmyadmin and create a database named mydb
  2.  Import all the three .sql files in the database.
  3. Save all the .php files in the C: -> xampp -> htdocs folder.
  4. Open XAMPP Control Panel and Start Apache and MySQL servers.
  5. Open your Web browser and run the project

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