Technical Discussion Forum Using PHP With Source Code

A simple Technical Discussion Forum made using PHP that basically shows the use of PHP for CRUD functionality. The forum currently contains post categories like related to ‘Web development’, ‘Computer Technology’ and so on. HTML ,CSS ,Javascript is used for frontend and PHP for backend and MySQL database.

Features of Technical Discussion Forum:

– Create new Post acording to Cateogry

– Delete or Edit post

– Reply to Post

– See all the post made in the forums

Installation and Setup Instructions:

– Download and Extract the .zip file

– Go to phpmyadmin

– Create a new Database named ‘techon’

– Import the .sql file located on the project folder and you’re done. 

If you need help regarding how to open or run php programs, see the video below:

FIND MORE on this site.

DOWNLOAD Technical Discussion Forum Using PHP With Source Code FOR FREE


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