PHP To Do List

PHP enables us to develop web service just by embedding PHP code in the simple HTML file. It makes many people build their own web service. At some point, PHP is almost synonym of the web development. With the help of PHP and MYSQL we can make our own to to list app and use it for day to day task reminder. This app is a to do list app made using PHP and MYSQL , that means our daily taks are saved on our  database.


– Add new task (saved on database)

– Delete completed task or mark as done

– Easy to use UI

Installation Steps:

First , you need to configure your database and table

Step 1:

Create a database or use your own existing database

Create a database

Step 2 : We need only one table . Create a table names ‘lists’ with tow columns(id and title). id set to primary Key and Auto Increment.

or execute the following query = ‘create table lists(id int auto_increment, title varchar(1000), primary key id);’

Create table in database

There you go. Your program is now fully setup. Run your index.php  file on your  browser using your localhost.

If you need help regarding how to open or run php programs, see the video below:

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