Project Management System In PHP And MYSQL With Source Code

A simple and effective web application for managing  class routine and class schedule directly by teacher, here every teacher would be admin of this site and one super admin will manage the whole site. This project is available with documentation report.


We used html, CSS, java script for UI design mysql for database and php server side scripting language.

Framework: Bootstrap. HTML, CSS, PHP and MYSQL


Feature for students:—

(1)Student will  be able to know  all type of academic vacation from this site(like summer vacation, winter vacation, Eid vacation and another vacation with academic calendar).

(2) Students will be able to know permanent class routine from this site.

(3)Students will be able to know updated class routine from this site. If any teacher change his class schedule the student will be known by this site.

(4)This site also send a email notification to every student(corresponding semester).if any teacher change his  class schedule.

 (5) Students will also be able to know  which teacher take which subject with subject details and teacher details.

(6)Data base keep the students information.

Feature for teachers:—

(1)Teacher is a admin of this page so teacher can customize the routine.

(2)Teacher can update his class time.

(3)This site will help teacher to show available class time in a week.

(4)If accidently any teacher input a class in a portion and it was previously block by any teacher then this site give a alert to the teacher.

(5)It gives flexibility to teacher for taking any class any available time in a week.

(6)For this site a teacher not need to contact any student, it directly connect to  every student.

Installation Steps:

To run the project, you will need to download XAMPP or WAMP server on your PC. First download and setup your own local server then download the zip file. Unzip the .zip file using any zip programs such as Winrar or 7Zip. After extracting, copy the project folder to the “C:/wamp/www/” or “C:/xampp/htdocs/” destination folder. After you are done, open your browser and type the URL for example. localhost/…..system.

If you didn’t understand the installation and setup process, follow this video:

Note: Setup instruction is given on a file named ‘Readme’ within the project folder. Be sure to read the file before running the application.

FIND MORE on this site.

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