Snake Game Using Javascript With Source Code

Sagar Gurung 04 Nov 2019

Classic Snake game is developed using basic web technologies to enable users to play the game efficiently on the web platform. The game uses technologies (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT) to run the game and can be run on any browser with lesser consumption of RAM.


The player controls the snake object and as it moves forward after starting the game. AS the game progress, the snake food takes places in different places as it gets eaten by the player. The more the player eats, the higher the score, the longer the snake gets and eventually leads to a difficult level. Player need to control the snake with the arrow keys.

Features of Snake game Javascript:

  • Set difficulty level
  • One click play game
  • Simple and Comfortable UI
  • Play using the arrow keys
  • Set the width and height of the playground
  • Score board UI

Download Snake Game Using Javascript With Source Code for Free