Showroom Management System In PHP With Source Code

A showroom management system for an automobile showroom that can perform basic accounting and inventory management with dynamic search options for clients. Using this system, users can easily manage vehicles, sell, or add them, store their records, and update or delete them. Developed using PHP and MYSQL, showroom management system has two modules: Admin and User. Users can view the website and can see all the list of vehicles as featured on the home page. Users are also provided an option to search for specific vehicles using the search function on the left sidebar. There, they can select the car company eg-BW nad their make year data and the color also. Or else, they can search using their model of the vehicle. There are also contact page and about us page, for the users to navigate through the site.

As for the admin, they need to login to the backend of the system in order to perform their functions. After logging in, the admin can view all lists of the vehicle align with her details. Thye can also edit vehicle options like availability, color, name, and price and can create offer of vehicles like DIsocnts or any other offer programs for the customers to see on the front end. The system also records the number of vehicles sol till now and he admin can easily see that information using the admin dashboard.  Administrators can also see the total profit and expense they have gained till now. In addition, admin is also able to keep records of all the vehicles sold and the records of customers that have bought their vehicles from their inventory or stock. The administrator is also able to see the most viewed ie popular cars or vehicles in their system.

Home Page

Search Vehicles Function

Features of Showroom management system:

  • Login System
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Add new vehicles with details like name, price, mode, and so on.
  • Edit/Update vehicles record In inventories
  • Set vehicle options like availability
  • See the most popular vehicle in the system
  • View and calculate total profits
  • View total expenses
  • View customer records and their purchases
  • View the number of vehicles sold

Installation Steps:

To run the project, you will need to download XAMPP or WAMP server on your PC.

1. Import the royal_motors_db.sql to your database
2. Run the project (index.php) using localhost

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