Password Generator In Python Terminal With Source Code

A simple python password generator application designed to run on the terminal and to generate a strong password using input from the users.  The application will request you how many numbers of passwords you would like to generate. After giving an input. eg-3 it will ask you to enter the number of characters you would like to have in your password. By getting such info from the user, the program will then generate passwords for you.

Advantages of Using Password Generator:

  • One of the main advantages of using this application is that it will instantly generate the password for you and save you from headaches and stress. We often know how hard it is to make a password with the combination of special characters and numbers, however, this application will save you your time.
  • Strong password generation which is mostly impossible to guess and are far stronger than we could ever make with our head.
  • Various options to choose while creating a password such as to include symbols or not, or to include uppercase characters or not.
  • Fast response time from the application
  • Minimal usage of resources like RAM, memory.
Features of Password Generator Software:
  • Select the number of characters you want on your password
  • Generate any amount of passwords you would like
  • Fast and easy to use

Installation Steps:

  • Download and Extract the .zip file
  • Open the .py using python launcher

If you didn’t understand the installation and setup process, follow this video:

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