Supermarket Management System In Python With Source Code

Supermarket Management System is created using Python to easily manage all supermarket related functions by a single user. As a terminal application, the users are able to perform basic operations of their supermarket such as additional items, view items, clear items/stocks, purchase items, search for specific products in the stocks and edit any items/products placed in the system record. Supermarket Management System also facilitates users to add new products in their stocks as a sale. This function includes adding items with their name, quantity(along with validation), and price of the item. Users can also see all the items stores in the system. The program shows the number of items along with their name, quantity, and price.

In this Python project, the users are also provided an option to purchase items from the supermarket. The user can view items and then purchase the items which they need. To buy an item, the user needs to enter the product name and then click enter to confirm. Thie system then displays a message saying the user to pay the price of the item in the counter.


  1. View all products
  2. Add items for sale by the user
  3. Purchase items
  4. Search items
  5. Edit products


Add items Function

Purchase items feature

Additionally, the user can also search for any items that are in the inventory of supermarket management system. They just need to enter the product name. In order to edit an item, the user has to enter the name, and then if the name of the items matches, the user will be able to edit the name, quantity value, and price of that specific product.

Installation Steps:

  • Download and Extract the .zip file
  • Open the .py using python launcher

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