How to sign up for Payoneer and get a Mastercard for free

Payoneer is a MasterCard provider company which is popular and widely known for online money transfer and digital payment services. Users of Payoneer can load amount in their account or e-wallet or their mastercard. The users can load funds to their prepaid MasterCard, and after loading, they can withdraw their money from any bank’s ATM where the logo of MasterCard is displayed.

Payoneer has a various benefits for us in todays world. When we successfully sign up for payoner we get 25$ bonus our payoneer account within 7 days of receiving $100 from any Payoneer verified company. Now you may ask why after receiving $100 . If you thought so they think iff they directly give $25 to every Payoneer user then people will start spamming with Payoneer.

In this blog I will give you a brief guide on how to create  a payoneer account for free

Step 1:

Go to this link for registration

Fill up the form as shown by entering your personal details. After the completion of first step go to the 2nd step

Step 2:

Provide your contact details . You need to carefully provide the address and your postal zip code. You should use your own mobile number as it is needed later for verfification.

Step 3:

Security is the major concern when it comes to internet transcations, so carefully provide the details. And at the case of id, you can use your diving license or passport number.

Step 4:

On the last step you are required to give your banking information . No matters from which part of the world you are, Payoneer will open a virtual bank account in USA which you can use for different purposes. Go to the link that says ‘Click here for bank account registration guide’ to register a virtual bank account in USA. At last, agree to their terms and conditions and then you are ready to go.

Step 5:

You will be redirected to home page. Click on the Order Card menu to order your card.

Last Step:

Check your shipping detail and confirm your order. Then you will be given a notice about the time details on when your card will be delivered.

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