Contact Management System In Java With Source Code

Contact Management System is simple java system software implemented using Java and MySQL. As a contacts application, this system has a beautiful GUI implemented using Java and backend using MySQL database. Using the system, one can add new contact details, edit/update details, delete records and save or export all contact list on a txt file.

Features of Contact Management System:

  1. Add new contact along with their name, email, address ,dob and phone number.
  2. Search contacts.
  3. Edit/Update contacts.
  4. View the list of all contacts
  5. Save all the contacts on a sperate notepad file
  6. Select and delete selected contacts.
  7. Recieve notification of people’s birthday if any people from the contacts lists have birthday on the current day.


Add new contact

Show All Contacts

Developed by bhaskar-codes-121

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