Pacman Game In C# With Source Code

Pacman Game is developed Using C# Programming language. This is a remake of the original Pacman game and is built in the Visual Studio IDE.  of As a classic game Pacman built using C# and GDI+, the game is really playable even in a PC with low specifications. Completely programmed with Csharp, the game features all necessary Graphics along with the audio to make the user really interested while playing the game in their Personal Computer. This game is also available as a Javascript Pacman version which can be played on a browser.

Features of Pacman Game C#
  • Live Score System
  • Beautiful User Interface and Graphics
  • High Score
  • Audio Features to enhance gaming experience

About the game and Gameplay

The player is placed in a maze who always eats dots in the maze. In this particular maze there are 174 dots,1 each one is worth 10 points. A level is finished when all the dots are eaten. However, there are four other ghosts in the maze who try to eat Pacman and if they touch Pacman, the player loses a life. Initially, he has three lives and gets an extra life after reaching 10,000 points. Pac-Man can also eat the power dot placed in the maze and if he eats a power dot, the ghosts turn blue for a short period. In this 15 second time, they slow down and try to escape from Pac-Man but Pac-Man will be now able to eat them, which will drastically increase his points if he eats them. At certain intervals, a fruit appears near the center of the maze and remains there for a while. Eating this fruit is worth 100 points

Installation Steps: 

– Download and extract the .zip file.

– Open the .sln file using Microsoft visual studio community.

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