Doctor Appointment System In PHP With Source Code

Doctor Appointment System In PHP is built for making appointments with doctors by the patients or people who really need to. This system is password protected so all-new users must login to receive the benefits. As for new users, the can always register themselves when needed. For registration, they need a name, email and password. After registration, they can easily log in and can sign up for doctor appointments using the form. Book appointment form contains various fields like username (they can change this later also) , email, password( min 6 characters with numbers) and their full name. Regarding their health issues, the patient also needs to mention their sickness, age , height, weight, address and contact information.

Registration Page

Features of Hospital Appointment System In PHP
  • Login and registration system
  • Create account within the system with details including age, weight, sickness and more.
  • Sign up for doctor appointment
  • Storage of appointment records
  • View all appointments
  • Delete or cancel appointments
  • Safe storage of patients records such as age, contact no, address ,height ,sickness and so on.

Installation Steps:

To run the project, you will need to download XAMPP or WAMP server on your PC.

1. Import the healthcare.sql to your database
2. Run the project using localhost

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