Pong Game In C# With Source Code

Pong Game developed using C# programming language is extremely simple, the fact of the matter is that there are many various little parts to take into account while playing this game. The game features 1VS1 mode where two players can actively participate in the game. GUI of Pong Game In C# is coded to show live score system so the player can see the live scores and also the speed of the game they are playing. The User Interface is beautifully designed using custom CSS and the GUI look amazing.

Features of Pong Game :
  • Two Player Playable At Same Time 1VS1 Mode
  • Live Score Display System
  • Live Speed Display on GUI
  • Custom Exit Button to instantly exit if needed
  • Improved GUI using CSS
System Requirements:
  • A Linux System with BASH shell ( in a terminal window)
  • The Mono C# Compiler must be installed.
  • If it isn’t installed, type this command into the terminal window:

sudo apt-get install mono-complete

  • The source files & script file must all be in one folder.

Cr. Raza Tahir

Installation Steps: 

– Download and extract the .zip file.

– Open the folder from Microsoft visual studio community.

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