Hospital Appointment System In PHP With Source Code

Hospital Appointment system is a web application developed using PHP and MySQL with No CSS. It also includes HTML tags and is a very basic application. The main aim of this app is to create a fully functional appointment system to manage basic operation carried out while any user books an appointment with a doctor In a clinic or a hospital. Although it lacks beautiful GUI, the system can fully perform what a student or a user expects from such a system.

About the system

Hospital Appointment System currently features and login protected system where a user must enter the login credentials and nice verified, they are redirected to the home page. On the home page, the user can see 4 different menu or links. The first option is to create an appointment with a doctor. Upon clicking, the user has to choose the hospital branch and then select the doctors available in the preferred hospital branch. Once they select the doctor, the user can then select the date and time and can successfully create an appointment.

After reading the appointment, one can also edit the details if they need to .All ther appointmena are listed on a talbe and the user can select the appointme which they want ot edit. Likewise, the user can also cancel the appointmet if they want. For cancelation, user should eter the id of the appointment and the n the appointmen will be cancelled.


Home Page

Add appointment

All Lists

Admins are allowed to do back-end operations such as create, edit, remove doctors or branches and list all appointments. Users are only allowed to do only create, edit, cancel appointment operations. Each doctor is allowed to be serve in a specific branch and if admin deletes a doctor, all his appointments are cancelled.

Features of Hospital Appointment System IN PHP
  • Login password protected system
  • Add appointments (choose branches, doctor,s time ,data)
  • Edit an appointment
  • View all appointment
  • Delete or cancel appointments

Installation Steps:

To run the project, you will need to download XAMPP or WAMP server on your PC.

1. Import the hospital.sql to you MySQL server
2. Run the project using localhost

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