Random Password Generator In Python With Source Code

Random Password Generator is a python terminal the application developed to generate random passwords with an option to choose between a weak and a strong one password. As a terminal application, it asks users whether the user wants to create a strong password with mixed character and variables or weak passwords which they can remember easily. This program is easy to use and as the name suggests it as a terminal program, It rarely uses high power or memory while it’s operation. Credit for this program goes to Mr Robert Nicolescu.
Features of Random Password Generator Software:
  • Option to choose whether to create a weak or strong password
  • Generate any amount of passwords you would like
  • Select the number of characters to include in the password
  • Instant Password Generation

Installation Steps:

  • Download and Extract the .zip file
  • Open the.py using python launcher
If you didn’t understand the installation and setup process, follow this video:
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