Gym Management System in PHP with Source Code

GYM Management System is a PHP application whereby records of members are directly stored and can be accessed by the admin interactively in real-time without an intermediary service. Gym Management System is the process of storing member’s details including health and medical status, payment records, exercise routines, etc. who have taken admission to the gym. The evolution of the Internet has made people search for a digital system that can manage their day to day gym functions and store their member’s details easily when needed.

Gym Management Software allows us to browse through endless possibilities, and access their customer’s details. Say ‘goodbye’ to the days when you use to maintain a register, log book and bill. This software can store the payment history, generate bill, and store the details of the customers who have taken admission into the gym and also the exercise routine the respective member is following from his/her joining date. Payment records can be added and stored. Various plans of payments can be added with respective validity.

The member enroll to the specific plan are displayed and their respective date of ending of their plan is also accessible which is fully controlled by the gym owner or the administrator. when you store and maintain records of the users who have taken admission into the gym. Each and every records of the users are stored in the digital software which is accessible to the administrator and view the needed contents which saves time and convenient to use the software.

Features of Gym Management Software:

– Login system for both Admin and Users.

– Admin Panel for gym menmbers management

– Add new members , view members , update members with details, delete members details for admin

– See total numbers of members in the gym

– See the total income from all the registered gym members

– Add payment records with validation

– Add members with their plan inlcuding their start date and end date.

– Exercise routines for gym members

Installation Steps:

To run the software, you will need to download XAMPP or WAMP server on your PC. First download and setup your own local server then download the zip file. Unzip the .zip file using any zip programs such as Winrar or 7Zip. After extracting, copy the project folder to the “C:/wamp/www/” or “C:/xampp/htdocs/” destination folder. After you are done, open your browser and type the URL for example. localhost/inventory-management-system.

– Download and Extract

– Create Database and Import file

– Open the home page using localhost XAMPP

Setup steps and other important notes are given on a file within the project folder. Be sure to read the file before running the application.

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