Blood Bank System In PHP With Source Code

Blood bank system is a website developed with python3,flask, Sqlite, Bootstrap. The web app has functions like User Registration and Login and Logout system, updating Profile details, Delete account, Requesting/contact for Blood including Notifications for Requests, and Searching for Blood.

Features of Blood Bank System In PHP:

  1. Easy User Registration along with Login and Logout system.
  2. Update/Edit Profile
  3. Delete account.
  4. Request/contact Blood.
  5. Notifications of Blood Requests.
  6. Search needed Blood.

Admin roles:

  1. Seperate dashboard for admin
  2. Add blood details
  3. Edit blood donations details
  4. Contact/reach registered users
  5. Delete users details

Installation steps:

1. Upload the file in a Wamp/XAMPP Server

2. Import the sql files into the serve database

3. Run the index.php file on your localhost

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