Campus Recruitment Management System Using PHP With Source Code

Campus Recruitment Management System is a web-based system and typically considered as a student/company information system. The project is developed in order to store and retrieve the information of students who are registered. The system uses a database in order to store all the information of students including personal records and academic performance. The system can also retrieve the data and display as per the user requirement.

The system is quipped iwth the feature where the user can view both the personal and academic information of the student and company. In terms of company roles, they can post vacancies ofr students and the students can apply if they are eligible. After students apply, the company can see the applicants and can accept/decline them.

Summary of Functions:The project is to facilitate students in college and company to register. The users access easily to this and the data can be retrieved easily in no time. The user can see Student/Company/Admin login in the home page after they run the system, and also the registration options of new students and companies as well. For student registration form, they can provide their personal details or educational qualifications. Students upon opening the system, they can see the information of various registered companies and also the number of vacancies along with their details provided by them on their dashboard. They can apply for the job by checking eligibility.

In Company registration form of the system, the companies can proivide their details and they can post job vacancies by using the vacancy registration form. They can see the list of students who have applied and also the eligible students on their dashboard. With such info, they can accept or reject their application. As for the administrator, he/she can run various queries like details of registered students and companies, placed students, job profiles etc. and can easily delete the records as well if needed.


Note: Read the ‘Readme.txt’ file located inside the project folder for database(login) details.

If you need help regarding how to open or run php programs, see the video below:

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