E-commerce Site Using PHP With Source Code

This is an E-commerce site developed using PHP and MySQL. Users can view products, add them to cart, confirm order, change order,delete order items or proceed to checkout, and finally pay the product’s price. Admin can confirm order, change user, delete users, add new products, and delete them if needed. They can see a whole list of products with their title, image, description, and price. Developed by Nur Mohsin, this website uses technologies listed below:

  • HTML5
  • PHP

Features of Guest User

(i) Search for Product
(ii) View Product details
(iii) Register and Create Account

Features of a registered and Signed-in User

(i) Search for all Product
(ii) View all Product and their details
(iii) Purchase and Create Order if they want
(iv) Change Email & Password details
(v) View their Previous Order details along with UPDATE and DELETE functions

Features of Admin

(i) Add a New Product wit its details
(ii) Update the Product info
(iii) Delete Product if needed
(iv) View orders and Confirm Order of the customers

Screenshots below:

Admin Login Page

All products page

All orders page

View products page

Products page

View Order page

Installation Steps:

To run the project, you need to extract the zip file and run XAMPP

1. Import the .sql database file to your database
2. Run the project (index.php) using localhost

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