Photo Gallery Website In PHP With Source Code

Photo gallery is a website application developed using Laravel PHP, HTML, and CSS. This web app is developed in order to make people share the picture they like, they can also like and share those pictures with their friends. The website GUI is very simple with no use of any frontend framework. This website is perfect for those users who are beginners and want to know how to apply CRUD operations or to get knowledge on how to upload an image to a database and how to display it in a card view.

Features of Photo Gallery Website In PHP

  • Users can upload their images along with their title and categories
  • User can easily search for a picture by choosing a specific type of categories
  • User can also perform CRUD operations on the website i.e Create Read Update Delete)
  • User can easily download the images if needed
  • User has the privileges to like someone else post
  • User is given their own dashboard
  • User is notified with a notification after any of their related operation has been performed

Technologies used:

  • Laravel 
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • javascript 


Note: Project is in Laravel. You need to install Laravel and have all requirements ready to run the project.

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