Fruit Shop Website With Source Code

Fruit shop is a front-end only e-commerce website developed using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is a simple web project where users can view fruits, add fruits to their shopping list along with the desired quantity and price for each fruit. Users can also view their total cost of all the items in the shopping cart.

This website is only built on the front end meaning there are no backend functionalities. However, the website has an excellent User interface along with a various range of fruit products. Users can view all lists of products and can select the quantity they would like to purchase. Then, they can also view the total cost of their order and then add them to their cart.

Features of Fruit Shop:

  • Beautiful UI design
  • View products
  • Select the desired quantity of products
  • Enter the cost of products
  • Auto calculation of total order price
  • Add to cart
  • Rate products
  • Enter your desired amount/money

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