Insurance Management System In PHP With Source Code

We live in a world with risk and various uncertain events. For such reasons, we always are in the need of a insurance policy to secure a better future. As a result, a lot of people are devoted in taking part in insurance policy. However, there  should be the proper availability of a insurance management system to manage all the details of our customers. This is a simple insurance management application that run on browser using PHP nd mYSQL. There are mainly three participants in this program 1. Admin 2. Customer. 3 Agent

Programming languages used to develop this basic web application includes PHP. MYSQL ,CSS and HTML.


Features of Simple Insurance Management System:

  1. Admin Login
  2. Customer Login
  3. Agent Login
  4. Add new Customer
  5. View all Customer records
  6. Delete data records
  7. Add a new Insurance Policy
  8. Delete a policy
  9. View all policies
  10. Add a new User
  11. Delete a existing user
  12. View all users list
  13. Query Processing

Installation Steps:

– Download and Extract

– Create Database and Import file

– Open the home page using localhost XAMPP

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