School Management System In C# With Source Code

Sagar Gurung 24 Apr 2019

School Management System developed using C# programming language for proper management of school. Developed by Nabil Ahmad, this system uses WinForms and is protected with a login system. After logging in successfully, the system presents a home screen with all available functionalities. Functions related to Staffs, users , teachers of school, functions related to Admin and all school related notices and tasks can be easily carried out by this system.

Features of School Management System:

  • Manage events of school(post,edit,delete).
  • View other user information within the system
  •  Make Emergency contact if needed
  • Can change its administrator settings if needed
  • Can view all persons and users of the system
  • Can see the list of user staffs students and teachers of school registered within the system
  • Can make classes along with shif, time and other details
  • Can add subjects, view results, see progress, make notices and much more

Note: Important details are given on a file within the project folder. Be sure to read them



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