Employee Leave Management System In Python With Source Code

Employee Leave Management System is developed for both
faculty and technical staff so they can apply to ask for leave with the ease
of the internet. After applying for leave an email will be sent to respective
higher authorities for confirmation. If their request is approved, the
Employee Leave Management is sent to the Director after which the application is sent a leave grant email. This application is developed using Python programming language.

Features of Employee Leave Management System In Python:

  • Login page for admin, faculty, technical
    staff and other staff;
    ● Login page for faculty, technical staff, and other staff
    redirects to the leave application page
    ● General Leave Form for all categories;
    ● Station Leave Form (if applicable) for all categories;
    ● rejoining form for all categories

Login page for faculty redirects to a page which lists all
the leave applicant and option to either approve or
disapprove of their application.
● The email system to notify the admin when a leave application
is filled;
● which notifies the Director of the leave;
● which notifies the applicant to verify whether the leave is
approved or not.

Installation and Setup:

  • Download and Extract the project .zip file
  • Run the app.py file using python 3.0 or any other versions

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