Online Vehicle Management System In PHP With Source Code

Online Vehicle Management System is a PHP and MySQL based software where users can easily perform selling/buying of new or used vehicles, their spare parts and do maintenance service. The software has a separate admin dashboard where admin can add new vehicles or used vehicles with their details. They can list the vehicle for sale for the customers. Admin can also manage operations related to vehicle maintenance. For the users, they can register and login in by themselves on the site. They can view all new or used vehicles and can buy them if they want. Similarly, they can browse the spare parts of vehicles also. Lastly, Online Vehicle Management System uses separate databases for the storage of customer data, admin data, vehicle data, and an employee database also.

Technologies Used: HTML with PHP and MySQL database.

Features of Online Vehicle Management System:

  • A well-organized software solution system for users who want to buy/sell vehicles.
  • Has a database which is constantly managed and updated.
  • Services to purchase new vehicles.
  • Feature of vehicle maintenance service.
  • Services to purchase spare parts.
  • Features to sell used vehicles of others.
  • Separate customer database for storage of their details and data
  • Separate employee database for storage of their details and data
  • A workshop admin/manager database.
  • Feature of vehicle and spare parts with database

Installation Steps:

To run the project, you will need to download XAMPP or WAMP server on your PC.

1. Import the .sql database file to your database
2. Run the project (index.php) using localhost

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